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Bring Education to Africa

The largest tragedy when looking at these villages is the high rate of

analphabetism among the local populations due to the quasi

non-existence of schools in these rural areas.


Upcoming Event to be Determined

The ASAFRI Conference

Theme: Access to Better Education in AfricaApply


make small gift donations

in Brahimakro

Our first school, EPP Brahimakro, opened in September of 2009 in Brahimakro, in partnership with the local community. The school opened with 130 students (57 girls & 73 boys) and only 3 classes.


Aid for School

In Africa

Our school curricula has been reviewed and approved by the Ivorian Ministry of Education, and all of our graduates receive an official diploma.



For Africa

Give a lecture on education in Africa, Organise a Fundraising party, Use Social Medias and More....

Group student no background reduced

Recents News

Good Things

To make that happen

Our goal is to ensure that all children, regardless of their background, get access to basic education. To make that happen, we

We Give Education

We Give Education

With that fast growing young population, millions of children and adolescents in Africa continue to drop out of school, without acquiring basic

Our School

Our School

Our school curricula has been reviewed and approved by the Ivorian Ministry of Education, and all of our graduates receive an official